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so after a while, i finally decided to make an official fic rec. it consists of mostly AU’s, with a few SU’s here and there.

Twist and Shout 

word count: 97k

summary: What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.


Have Love, Will Travel 

word count: 94k

summary: Castiel Novak is a reclusive writer with a childhood so tragic it’s left him terrified to leave his home—until his overbearing brother, Gabriel, drags him out for a night on the town full of booze and strip clubs, and he encounters Dean Winchester, a mesmerizing and mysterious stripper with secrets of his own. Both men find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other, and soon Dean’s private dances for Castiel become much more, as both men confess their troubles and find solace in each other’s company. But neither can seem to find the courage to take their relationship further than the intimacy of the club’s VIP Room—and just when Dean’s own brother gives him the excuse he needs to finally admit his feelings, Dean discovers something that brings it all crumbling down. Will they find a way past their demons and their trust issues, and back to each other?


Try-Something Tuesday 

word count: 48k

summary: Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He’s new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean’s curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not? Except, fate never intended it to be one-time-only…


It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere 

word count: 21k

summary: The status quo is this: Dean is the popular captain of the football team, and Castiel is the off-kilter nobody who doesn’t so much as breathe the same air as Dean. Then senior year happens and the status quo is shot to smithereens.


The Daily Grind 

word count: 88k

summary: Castiel Novak, down on his luck and in desperate need of money, goes to a porn suite that will give him $1000 for a good day’s work. There he meets Dean Winchester, a man who’s about to rock his world.


The Open Sky (is Mine Tonight) 

word count: 22k

summary: Castiel Novak is a wedding planner in San Francisco who doesn’t have the time or the energy for a relationship right now. After an accident introduces him to the charming pediatrician Dean Winchester, he thinks that might change. Unfortunately, Dean is engaged to Castiel’s new favorite client, Anna Milton, and it’s suddenly a game of tug-o-war between what Castiel wants and what Castiel needs — but as he comes to find out, often time those things are exactly the same.


Wrap Your Arms Around Your Own Body 

word count: around 25k

summary: Dean Winchester is renowned for his ability to charm his way into anybody’s bed. Castiel Milton proves more challenging than most.


So Glad We Made It 

word count: 16k

summary: At twelve years old, Dean makes a friend, who becomes his best friend, who will eventually become the love of his life.


Bring it on Home 

word count: 44k

summary: Dean the Sales Rep just moved into the neighborhood, and his neighbor is a definitely crazy shut-in. Ch. 30: “I’m not lovely. Knitted tea cozies are lovely.” Now complete.



word count: unknown

summary: When Castiel loses his job, he resorts to making wing fetish videos to make cash. Dean really likes them. 


In This Secluded Spot I Respond as I Wouldn’t Dare Elsewhere 

word count: 34k

summary: It’s 1995, and Castiel’s high school years are destined to be difficult: home-schooled until eighth grade, he is awkward, shy, and socially inept. The weird kid with the funny name would rather isolate himself and draw in his sketchbook than deal with the constant bullying he faces every day. Things only get worse in his junior year when he excels in home economics class, leading the captain of the baseball team, Alastair, to start taunting him for being gay. 

Then new student Dean Winchester arrives at Flour Bluff High School, sharing many of Castiel’s classes. Castiel has seen his type before — handsome, athletic, arrogant, and sure to be the most popular kid in school. But Castiel eventually learns that he and Dean have more in common than he thought, and they form an unlikely friendship.


Carry On 

word count: 148k

summary: When Sam gets into Stanford, Dean needs a bigger paycheck than Bobby’s garage can give him. Luckily, he knows a guy.



word count:  47k

summary: With the angels cast from Heaven, the big question is obviously how to get them back. The task is far from simple and the addition of old enemies claiming to be new allies only muddies the water. The fact that even their best plan promises dreadful consequences doesn’t help. Castiel just wants to go home.


And I Will Walk on Water 

word count: 122k

summary: In which Dean discovers that the archangels didn’t finish their job after all, and that demons picked up where they left off.



word count: 54k 

summary: There is not a dream Castiel does not know, except this one.


Harmonious Discord 

word count: 71k

summary: Dean Winchester and his brother, Sam, run a national security firm by name of Winchester Arms. In an effort to meet the demand of their services, Sam hires Castiel Novak to head up the home office. Sparks fly between the elder Winchester and the newcomer and not necessarily in a good way. But Sam and Jess are meddlesome and Castiel just might be the change Dean needs in his life.


Show Me How to Love 

word count: 43k

summary: A new family of kids at Lawrence High School brings a new perspective to Dean’s life, especially when he becomes inexplicably drawn to the youngest of the siblings, a severely autistic boy who has never spoken or touched anybody in his entire life.


Convenient Husbands 

word count: 39k

summary: "It’s only temporary, right?" Dean says. "Just until you’re healed up, and then we’ll never have to see each other again. So what do you say, Castiel, do you want to marry me or not?"


Impossibly, We’ve Already Caught Fire (Original Track) 

word count: 25k 

summary: After a fire ravages his apartment, nurse Dean Winchester moves in with his best friend.



word count: 11k

summary: Castiel has been photographing their ballet company for two years now and he and Dean have barely exchanged six words, and yet somehow when Dean breaks his leg, it’s Castiel who takes him home from the hospital and takes care of him.


In the Weeds 

word count: 40k

summary: Dean knew, from the minute he laid eyes on Chef Castiel MacCarthy, the day would come that he would have to kidnap the man and dump the body in the darkest, dirtiest crack den in Ireland. Given that this was Dublin city, it wouldn’t be hard to find.


Don’t Ever Look Back 

word count: 36k

summary: Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he’ll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean’s and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean’s skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel’s brothers aren’t just strange, they’re dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn’t all he wants.

A Dean/Castiel high school love story with fist fights, movie nights, make outs, broken hearts, hospital vigils and a steamed up hotel shower.


Come on with the Rain 

word count: 36k

summary: When Castiel was 15, his life changed. In one tragic instant, he lost his parents, and he was forced to live with his Uncle Bobby in Lawrence, Kansas. There he met the Winchester boys, Sam and Dean, who were living next door. He thought Sam was pleasant, and Dean, well, Dean was special. Three years passed and Castiel’s relationship with the boys developed in an unexpected way. Sam became his best friend. But Dean was a different story.

Dean was not Castiel’s friend. He was a neighbor, a classmate, the brother of Castiel’s best friend, and the guy who worked part time at his uncle’s salvage yard. That was all. But on the rare times that Dean asked Castiel for help, Castiel couldn’t find it in him to turn him down. Because this was Dean. And the answer would never be “no” when it came to Dean.



word count: 57k

summary: Demon/Angel College!AU: Dean is a demon who dislikes angels and Castiel is his new angel roommate at college. Dean finds himself fascinated with Castiel’s wings, much to his own annoyance, which only leads him into trouble. When they become accidentally mated to each other, things get complicated and feelings get hurt, but can it be the start of something good?


A Thousand Beautiful Things 

word count: 143k

summary: Accidents happen everyday, like someone accidentally hitting you in the face with a ball and then you mutually getting off with them in the school showers. Now Dean’s not saying he’s gay, but the thing he has going with Castiel isn’t exactly straight either and he isn’t even sure if it matters any more.


How Still My Heart 

word count: 62k

summary: Charlie hadn’t been waiting for the call, but it’s not exactly a surprise to hear from Dean.

"Cas? You want me to find Cas?"


Master of Reality 

word count: 89.5k

summary: “So, do you feel more in solidarity now that we’re making noodles together?”

In which Dean (whose father disappeared a few months ago, who sometimes takes on gangs for local charities, who would do anything to take care of his little brother without telling him what ‘anything’ entails) hangs out at the Roadhouse Homeless Youth Day Center and Castiel (high school senior with an edible-only weed philosophy, after-school fist-fighting veteran, owner of a fuzzy blue blanket with angel wings) takes an Urban Plunge.

And then everything gets complicated.


Cooking With Gas 

word count: 89k

summary: Castiel Novak has it all. He’s rich, famous, has a top rated cooking show and restaurant, drives an expensive car and wears Armani.

His producer throws a contest to spend a day with Chef Novak, cooking and learning techniques. Castiel wants no part of it, but Balthazar insists and Castiel will do as expected.

What Castiel wasn’t expecting was to fall head over heels for the winner.

Dean Winchester hasn’t had a successful relationship in his 34 years on Earth. He’s got a past he’d like to keep hidden, and his life rotates around his family and his business.

Winning a contest to spend a day with his favorite TV chef is a shock, but a welcome diversion from his day to day life…until he meets the guy, and he turns out to be a big jerk. Dean figures he should have expected that.

What he wasn’t expecting was that same gorgeous blue-eyed man to sweep in and shake up his entire world.



word count: 22k

summary: Dean is an Alpha looking for his mate, dragging his younger brother all over the country on his search. For Alpha wolves like Dean, the need to find a mate is a biological necessity. If he doesn’t find his mate, Dean could end up going feral.

In a little town called Angel Falls, Dean meets Castiel Novak, who he knows instantly is the mate he’s been looking for. Only Castiel is a human, not a werewolf like Dean. That would be bad enough, but it turns out that Dean isn’t the only supernatural creature interested in Castiel.

A centuries old vampire named Crowley is also after him. If Crowley compels Castiel to be his, if he bites Castiel first before Dean can lay a claim on him, then Castiel will be lost to Dean forever.


Sowing the Seeds 

word count: 49k

summary: Dean Winchester is getting married.

He should be happy, but things are a little more complicated than that. For one thing he woke up in bed with his best friend Castiel the morning after he proposed, instead of in bed with Anna, his girlfriend. And for another, they didn’t use protection.

Dean should be happy that he’s getting married, but he’s more excited about the life he can’t have with Castiel and the baby Castiel is carrying.


An Exercise in ‘Worthless’ 

word count: 26.5k

summary: Wherein Dean makes a hefty living as a tattoo artist who owns the space next to Gabriel’s cafe. Sam attends the local university. When Gabe’s cousin comes to live with him while starting grad school at Sam’s university, Dean thinks for sure that all his negative karma’s coming to bite him in the ass because Cas clearly has a thing for Sam. No one would ever choose him over Sam. That’s just logic.


Out of the Deep 

word count: 488.6k

summary: It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep.

Castiel should have listened better.


Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake 

word count: 31k

summary: Dean is a waiter in a strip club to put his kid brother through school. Castiel is dragged to the club as a part of his sister Anna’s bachelorette party. Dean and Cas hit it off, but Dean thinks Cas is the one marrying Anna.


Living Easy, Living Free 

word count: 7.7k

summary: After a one-night stand, Dean can’t shake the feeling that he and Castiel share some kind of special connection. Not too bad considering he met him in a gay bar of all places.


It’s Only Love We’re Falling In 

word count: 18.7k

summary: Castiel is a nurse. Dean isn’t a very pleasant person. Castiel and Dean don’t get along at first, then, naturally, like in most romantic comedies, things happen. Like unwillingly falling in love.


If I Lose Myself 

word count: 17.8k

summary: Castiel Novak is the United States’ first openly gay President & Dean Winchester is the head of his Secret Service detail.


Player 2 is Ready 

word count: 25k

summary: Dean and Castiel only know each other online, and their relationship there is very different to the one they share outside of their games, where they haven’t ever met.


300 Things 

word count: 77k

summary: Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule.

This is how Dean grovels and begs Dr. Castiel Milton to make a special arrangement for him, and Dr. Milton does.

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